VOM was started by pastor Richard Wurmbrand (Tortured for Christ, 1967), who spent 14 years in a Romanian Communist prison, as a ministry to the worldwide persecuted church.  VOM New Zealand (based in Christchurch) was one of the earliest ministries started (1969); there is now a close fellowship of 14 autonomous VOM offices around the globe. 

We work at the sharp edge of Christian persecution, in countries such as: North Korea, the Muslim states, Africa, Asia, China and the Russian steppes, supporting churches and families widowed or isolated from spouses imprisoned and tortured.  We supply practical help (food, medicine, clothing, generators, pumps, repatriation, safe houses, bibles, legal help) to persecuted Christians.  

We are supported entirely by NZ Christian donations flowing directly to the persecuted church. 

We publish a free monthly colour magazine highlighting needs and updating 5000 members on the very latest in the world’s persecution hotspots often from our workers on the ground. 

Through our network of inter-denominational missions we send Christian literature, relief aid and medical care to our suffering brothers and sisters who live in highly restricted nations. We don’t send missionaries into hostile countries; instead we support the local believers!

Our team meets daily at noon for prayer for the persecuted.


Below: VOM volunteers in South Korea, bagging bibles and basic food items into helium bags for floating across the border into North Korea on the prevailing wind.  We have also dropped solar-powered Gospel radios to FARC guerrillas in the Colombian jungle on 1000 small parachutes made by New Zealanders, and for Christmas 2011 distributed provision packs to 4000 Iraqi Christians.